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for BIM Design

BIMGEO CONSTRUCT creates and manages the project life cycle for the construction of BIM for different techniques. 

Our team mainly uses Autodesk REVIT, Navisworks, AutoCAD and other software to design and represent your construction processes.

We maintain industry standards by working closely with our clients and involving them throughout the work process.

Our Services

Our Work

The main objectives of BIMGEO CONSTRUCT are to provide high-quality construction services, meet the needs and expectations of customers, and contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment.


The focus is on choosing the best materials, utilizing advanced techniques and working with a skilled team to ensure quality work.


Our goal is to meet agreed upon deadlines and work effectively to minimize delays.


We aim to understand customer expectations and turn their ideas into final results that exceed their expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics and construction quality.

Our Advantages


BIMGEO CONSTRUCT located in Brussels, is a multidisciplinary office that practices the modeling of different techniques for the construction of contemporary architecture, stability (formwork plan, frame) and HVAC. 

Our goal is to help our clients design, build and operate better projects more efficiently by providingthe full potential of BIM [Building Information Modeling].

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