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- Architecture -

The BIM GEO CONSTRUCT team is unique in its ability to fully integrate the programming, spatial planning and interior design process with the development of architectural design. This integrated internal-external process ensures that our designs fully meet the functional needs of the user.

We fuse imagination with progressive and technical knowledge about form, function and process, to execute a signature, aesthetic design conscious of the environment, finished on time, without exceeding the budget.

We will work together by integrating your vision into a well-thought-out development plan. Then we ensure an efficient and controlled management of the quality of the construction and registration of documents after construction. Whether we design for historical preservation, new LEED buildings or your home, we maintain our reputation.

3D Modelisation 

Walls, Windows, Doors, Furniture, etc...


Materials, Paintings, Isolations and all Sanitary equipements used in the same model base

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